Pelican 2748 Strapless Headlamp Adapter


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Boost your Pelican headlamp’s hands-free and reliable features with this 2748 Strapless Headlamp Adapter. Now you can enjoy optimum convenience when using your headlamp because this adapter comes in a strapless design – so no more straps that can accidentally slip or get caught on equipment. This accessory ensures your headlamp stays securely in place however you move around. Perfect when you’re working on a job site, exploring the great outdoors, or navigating an emergency.

Without the traditional straps, this compact 2748 Strapless Headlamp Adapter allows you to comfortably work without worrying or minding if the straps are getting loose particularly when you’re in a challenging work condition with tricky spaces to get into. It features a strong adhesive pad that you can simply press onto your helmet or hard hat to permanently mount it. Now all you need to do is attach or mount the headlamp and you’re all set!

This 2748 Strapless Headlamp Adapter enhances the functionality of your Pelican headlamps by ensuring a secured strapless attachment so you can confidently optimize its hands-free feature. It’s not only durable, lightweight, and compact but is also super easy to install.

  • Strapless design, no elastic straps that can get caught on other equipment
  • Strong adhesive pad to permanently mount the adapter on a helmet or hard hat
  • Stable and reliable fit, will not move or slip however you move about while working
  • Quick and easy installation, simply press the adhesive pad onto the helmet or hard hat
  • Durable construction, built Pelican-tough
  • Compatible with 2740 Headlamp, 2745 Headlamp, 2750 Headlamp, 2750CC Headlamp, 2755 Headlamp, 2755CC Headlamp, 2760 Headlamp, 2765 Headlamp
  • Comes in Black

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