SOG Fling Throwing Knives – Set of 3


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The Fling knives are styled after traditional throwing knives and are perfect for backyard competitions. Each knife handle is wrapped with 7 feet of paracord, giving you a total of 21 feet, perfect for those unexpected situations. Also included with the three knives is a ballistic nylon carry sheath. See who can hit the bull’s eye first!

  • Use these as professional throwing knives and get even more value per throw than pricier knife sets.
  • More durable than generic throwing weapons and martial arts knives; each knife is crafted heel to butt in stainless steel with a 7-foot paracord handle.
  • Find your style! Well-crafted for many professional target throwing styles; no spin, combative rotation, recreational freestyle, and more.
  • Comes fully equipped with ballistic competition throwing knives sheath; easily secure all 3 knives with the Velcro strap and attach via a belt loop.

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